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Chapter 11  桔子红了,长兴岛









Chapter 11   Tangerines turnripeinChangxing Island


The Start of Winter announces the tangerine harvestkickoff,

Agriculture study leaves learners sleeping in the dorms happily.

The Minor Snow steams dried anchovies while cooking rice,

The threshing floor piles up straws in joyful stacks.




The Start of Winter rarely takes dumplings as a necessary task as and the busyness of the grain harvest fill everyone’s schedule tight. Especially in Changxing Island of Chongming, it is not only the ear of rice that shines, but also the ripe tangerines who are the real protagonist of autumn here. Those who taste theruthlessly sourimmature fruit last month will be compensated by its sweetness this time.




The locally planted mandarins, formerly known as Wenzhou mandarin, was renamed “Miyagawa” after being immigrated to Japan. Now the specie has been back to its hometown with genetically refined tastiness, abundant juice and rich flavor. Since theQingcaosha reservoir locates in the island, thus all the mandarins are produced in this national water source protection zone where no industrial pollution are allowed in case of contaminatingthe soil and water. In addition,as the soils of the island are brought down by Yangtze River, so its texture is rather fertile.




The kidwhose family plants tangerine trees has advantage of eating tangerines whenever he or she likes. The fruit is exquisite and delicate, while its skin is slippery and tender. Branches of ripe fruit are fragrant with green orange leaves accentuating the bright orange color. Since the whole plantation process avoids wax or residue, the fruit need only to be wiped clean before bite.Full of mouth are the juice with fine meat easy to swallow, sour and sweetness are just right, then the scent is poured into nose from mouth, which not only amaze the local children, but turn those outside the island into fans.




"Drunk eyes finds flowers ink and moon white, thussuspectit snows fully over the village".Chongming'sclear starry night with moonlight beautifully clean makes the children who are used to the neon night market become inevitably excited. The only child hardly eats and sleeps together in a common dorm. Plus the novel accommodation conditions miraculously shorten mutual distance. Therefore, overnight discussionconcerning natural science knowledge, self-care ability, humor and jokes spreadsamong the dorm residents.




Picking and packingmandarins in daytime consumes less energy than expected. Therefore, at night, hand made lessons such as dumplingsmaking will be added to meet the children's curiosity about life in suburbs. First of all, employ firewood to make a fire in the stove. When the water in the stove is boiling, drop in the dumplings. It is common to find a few lazy boys muddle through the process by throwing simple dough into the stoveas a confusing dumpling, which amusesall even the master who helps making the fire.




Local children’s farming process is more pragmatic. For example,harvest rapeseed before summer and rice before winter, which requires the practice of weeding and hoeing the earth. The labor class will teach the craftsmanship of bamboo baskets, eucalyptus wood, knitting sweaters, etc. Many children find the secrets of their ancestorslabor there. In addition to agriculture, carpenters and other handicrafts have a long tradition in Chongming. Moreover, children who witness their grandfathers establish a building and house will be proud and excited for a long while.




Children living in the farmenjoy not only rural life but the power of technology application in their parents' various walks of life as well, such as mechanical principles of motor vehicles, the processing of parts, the production and transportation of biogas, the operation of textile machines, the delivery of rubber products, and even the disinfection and sealing of milk. The benefits brought by these knowledge can not be underestimated.Dawn invites children taking the free ride to the dairy farm where the milk fragrance is continuous all year round, picking up the freshly sterilized milk, passing byfavorite store to see if the preferred ballpoint pen style is available, arriving at school punctually with satisfaction. The farm thus constitutes a thriving utopia.




"Water turns into ice and the ground begins to freeze" symbolize the coming of Minor Snow. The north wind blows from the river surface whistling through the fields and factories. The wind-proof forestsstands fast like guards. The broad leaves of poplar sounds like roaring tides to the ear. Worse of all, a winter rain sends the coldnessmay invade bone by transmitting to shoulder blade from touching the bicycle handle.




Before the cold current comes, fish and other aquatic products have been graduallyout of market.Hence mom will take out theanchoviesdriedfrom summer as the perfect side dish for porridge and rice. Chongming's river fish are thorny, and children are basically afraid of stuck, so the soften fish bones are surely the safest. Among all kinds of dried fish, the most famous typeis anchovies whose body is slender with delicate meat. Once braised with soy sauce, the color will be attractive for appetite, while in the case fried,the softness and crispiness are typical. Either way will have it as a feast on the banquet. Moreover, after the sun drying, the toughness is more sufficient, while the softness is still the same, which suits the local taste best.




The Minor Snowfills the threshing floor intoxicating straw aroma and gives birth to a paradise where the rice stacks piling up like a labyrinth. After rice undergoes the shelling process withleftover straws the perfect fuel for the stove, farmers start tying straws tightly and laying into a tall cylindrical body with a conical dome, whichlooks like a straw house from distance. Once approached, the fragrant smell containing the richness of the whole paddy field from autumn will attract the nose. This scent condenses the nourishment of summer rain and dew, the warmth of the autumn sun, the joy of harvest, and the sincere praise for the land.






This is November. On the dining table, oranges are used as building blocks. In the maze of straw stacks, children are playing the hid and seek. Under the night lamp,mom is busy knitting thewinter sweaters for the whole family in silence.